About Caroline Swart


I live in South Africa, in a quaint coastal city called Port Elizabeth.
After leaving school, I joined a pop band, touring casinos as a professional singer for three years.
Once the tour ended, I studied software development, eventually obtaining a BSC Computer Science degree.
To earn extra cash as a teenager, I worked at a toy store, a drive-in theatre, and a horse racing track.
My school mates received weekly chapters of the romantic novels I wrote in junior school.
I sometimes think my son should audition as a stand-up comedian. Seriously.
I was a passenger in a bigfoot called 'Grave Digger' at an exhibition at the Bubba Raceway in Florida.
Within one year, I visited an F1 Grand Prix, a Le Mans endurance race, and a Nascar race.
At a club race, I drove a B-Mod, 4-link V8 race car around the dirt oval track.
I've been promised expensive perfume by my race-crazy husband for mentioning the last few facts.
In 2012, I appeared in five episodes of a TV competition as a guitar player in an all-girl band.
Four of my original songs are currently playing on local radio stations.
Clients couldn't understand my British-English accent on the phone when I moved to Atlanta - GA.
After two years of badgering, the best editor in the world accepted my manuscript. She works with several USA Today top 100 authors. #LOVEMYEDITOR **Pam Berehulke**
My husband and I opened a software development company called COMPRSA twenty years ago. We employ 85 talented staff members and work with Fortune 500 clients in America, Europe, the UK, and Australia.


Caroline Swart lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After a brief stint as a professional singer, she studied software development and moved to the USA. She acquired a husband, a software development company in Africa, and a son, not all in that order. Her passions include reading, writing, and music.